Will you be a God Among Men?

For 6 weeks we will be testing our fitness against the heroes and gods of old. The next TDCF Challenge will be centered on ancient Greek and Roman mythology/legends. Get ready to find out if you could hang with the likes of Atlas, Odysseus, and Hercules.

The challenge will start on September 12 and finish on October 22. We are hoping to put together teams of 3-4 with at least 1 woman per team (this means we need you ladies to sign-up!) – you can request team members and we will try to accommodate, though you do not need a team to sign-up.

The challenge will be made up of 3 parts – nutrition, lifestyle and fitness. You will get points for adhering to a nutrition plan; incorporating daily lifestyle practices; doing weekly, challenge specific programming and doing the challenge WOD every Saturday at 10AM.

We know that you have busy lives, so we don’t expect you to be able to make it to every single Saturday (and we will have a way to score the challenge WODs so they will be fair if all team members aren’t present) but the more you engage in as many aspects of the challenge as you can, the more successful you will be. And don’t forget, your team members will be counting on you to earn those points!

These challenges are typically won or lost by the nutrition and lifestyle points, because it is the consistent effort throughout the 6 weeks that really makes the difference, in your life and in the challenge.

Take this challenge as a way to kick-start your goals or re-commit to habits that have lapsed. You wont be doing it alone – your team mates and everyone else in the challenge, including the coaches, will all be there with you to help encourage you and keep you honest through this process.

There will also be Spirit points up for grabs every week – dress up as a Gladiator, bring your friends to cheer you on, make signs, co-ordinate outfits, put on a skit, whatever. The more you and your team get into the sprit of the challenge each week the more points you can earn.

Finally, each person who finishes the challenge will get a challenge specific t-shirt. We don’t sell these shirts; you have to earn them.

The challenge costs $50 for the full 6 weeks and you can sign-up on MindBody here. If you don’t sign-up we wont know you want to be a part of it and will not be able to put you on a team. Sign-up by Saturday, Sept. 10.

If you can, please come to the Den at 11AM this Saturday, September 10 so we can go over any questions you have, talk about some of the finer details of the challenge and put y’all in teams!

To wrap it up:

– Meet at 11AM on Saturday, Sept 10 to get basic info

– Start Nutrition and Lifestyle on Monday, Sept. 12

– Extra programming will be on Tuesday and Thursday each week

– Every Friday take as a rest day

– Every Saturday at 10AM will be the challenge WOD

I’ll be sending a bit more detailed info about the three components of the challenge later this week, so be on the look out!

Please email me at if you have any questions and you can always talk to a coach or the athletes who were a part of the last challenge.

Don’t you want to find out if you can be a God Among Men?

– Caitlin (and all of your TDCF Coaches)