Our Programs

Our Programs

All fitness programs should be judged on their
safety, efficacy, and efficiency.

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Level 1

An entry level experience, our Level 1 CrossFit class will still challenge any fitness level. The programming focuses on assessing total body mobility, building cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, strengthening joint tissue and bone density, as well as creating solid foundational movement patterns and improving kinesthetic awareness. Classes are capped at 10 to create a good coach to athlete ratio; this ensures plenty of personal time for everyone. A class you could feel comfortable bringing your mom to, but it could also be a great first date with that cute spin instructor.

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Level 2

This is an intermediate level class focusing on unlocking human performance, as well as general health and wellness. Expect to be pushed outside your comfort zone regularly, reaping all the rewards which come with that level of intensity. This is a class for the enthusiast and weekend warrior as well as the collegiate athlete.

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Level 3

For the truly competitive amongst us, we offer competitive level CrossFit programming cycled with the CrossFit Games season. Not for the faint of heart.

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Our team of professional coaches is waiting to walk you through every step of the process!

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Barbell Club

Weightlifting is the expression of strength over external objects or the sport or activity of lifting barbells or other heavy weights. There are two standard lifts in modern weightlifting: the single-movement lift from floor to extended position (the snatch), and the two-movement lift from floor to shoulder position, and from shoulders to extended position (the clean and jerk).One of the more fundamental parts of our program, once you advance past a beginner level, you will need additional practice. Tiger's Den Barbell Club is lead by international level, medal-winning supercoach, Gunther Farfan.

Custom Programs

Many of our members have more specific goals rather than just looking good naked.

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