Our Community

Our Community

Tiger’s Den CrossFit is all about Community

Our Community is a thriving, living body, consisting of 200+ active members and coaches who are healthy, strong, vital, and committed to living their greatest life.

Our TDCF community has great power; it flows like a mighty river. It has direction, purpose, and power. It holds things together, and moves easily as one. When you jump in, you may not notice the subtle pull of the current, yet when you look again, you realize you’ve moved upstream. It embraces new members like raindrops falling on it’s surface and has place for anyone at any fitness level within it’s banks. It sometimes meanders, other times plunges toward optimal health and fitness. The only way to truly feel its impact is to jump in – but don’t worry, there is safety in its embrace, and when you’re ready, there is plenty of room in the powerful and turbulent main current. Speaking of the main current, it’s movement forward occurs each time one our members shows up – for class, an event, seminar, workshop, a training session, a TDCF Team workout, or an event with another member outside of TDCF.

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